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 Ability sheet template

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PostSubject: Ability sheet template    Thu May 02, 2013 11:02 pm

Physical ability: (How is your speed strength and endurance?)

Intelligence: (How smart is your character? are you a tactician?)

Ninjutsu: Are you good at ninjutsu?
Taijutsu: Are you good at Taijutsu?
Genjutsu:Are you good at genjutsu?
Kenjutsu: Are you good at kenjutsu? are you a swordsman?

Bloodline: Whats your bloodline?
Advance release: What is you advanced release if you have one?


Name: Whats the name of this jutsu our technique?
Rank:What rank is it (E/D/C/B/A/S)
Element: Does it have an element?
Type: Is it taijutsu? ninjutsu? genjutsu? kenjutsu? bloodline technique?
Requirements: Does it require anything?
Description: Describe the technique
Link where it can be found: Required link if you tech is not a custom tech.


Name: (What is it called)
Type: (what is it)
Description: ( Describe the item)
Special Features: (Anything special the item does)
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Ability sheet template
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