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 Captain of squad 1 Eri Amaya

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PostSubject: Captain of squad 1 Eri Amaya   Fri Sep 04, 2015 4:43 pm

Name: Eri Amaya

The Basics:

Zanpakuto/Ressurection name: Tōketsu Ōra

Release command: Bring about the absolute freeze

Bio: While a human she was a reclusive child always staying to herself. While brilliant she just didn't feel like she fit in. Content with this one day her school burned down. When an acquaintance tried to save her and got burned she realized she wasn't okay with this but by then it was to late. As a shinigami she doesn't remember much of her past but the heat. Rising in the ranks quickly she is still cold on the surface but much different deep down.
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Captain of squad 1 Eri Amaya
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